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歌い手、鍵盤奏者、作曲家として活動中 2000年初頭Event creatorとして「少年の叫び」の名目でライブハウスを基盤に活動を開始、その後、Indie label「Mohikan Party Record」を創設 、2006年+桃尻東京テレビジョン+にOriginal member
として加入 、2009年ThreeQuestions結成で作曲、歌唱活動を開始。PAJAMARZ、The Creature、koyubiといったBand Projectを設立の傍ら雑誌への寄稿、歌手、詩人への曲提供、Support musicianとしての活動を経て 2021年内藤重人名義で1st Album AUMADOKIを発表、Poetry、noise 、Shoegazer、Ambientの要素を大胆に取り入れたAlternativeな作品を世に送り出す。

A singer, keyboard player, and composer. / Shigeto Naito started his professional musical career as an event organizer under an alias name "Boy's Cry" based at live venues in early 2000. / Established an Indie label "Mohikan Party Record" as the founder. / After taking part in the formation of +Momojiri Tokyo Television+ in 2006, he started his career as a composer and singer with the formation of the band ThreeQuestions in 2009. / Established multiple music projects such as PA/JAMARZ, The Creature, and koyubi. / Worked with magazines as a contributor, composed songs for other singers and poets, and worked as a touring and recording musician for other artists along with his solo works. In November 2021, released his 1st album "AUMADOKI" under his real name Shigeto Naito, which delicately incorporates the elements of poetry, noise, and shoegaze.

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